The Books of the Dead is the first in series of e-Artists Books authored by Stephan Erasmus (the Grand Master of the Order of the Unrequited Dead Bunnies), edited by Johan Myburg and published in association with the Dead Bunny Society.
The book uses the aspects of religion and occultism in creating a mythology surrounding the Great Dead Bunny, the supposed deity that lead to the formation of the Dead Bunny Society in Johannesburg, South Africa in 2014. The Dead Bunny Society is a group of four artists that started the Society as an alternative platform for the promotion of the arts.

The first book in the series sets out the creation story of how the Great Bunny created the universe and how a special area, a type of ‘Eden’ was created for his two bellowed bunnies Floppsy and Flossy. The story tells of the events that lead to the arrival of the Unbeknown, the arrival of the Unbeknown and the intrigue that followed. The book culminates in chaos and the Great Bunny’s beloved Floppsy and Flossy fleeing their ‘Eden’.

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