As a child Alexia became aware of uncomfortable feelings that enforced that she did not fit into the female forms prescribed by society. This distorted her sense of self and trained an internal and external sense of deep shame connected to being female. She used erotic drawings as a medium for dealing with her desire for connection and power.
Her obsessive interest in self enquiry and drawing have evolved into the work which she exhibits today. It deals with the unpicking and reprogramming of deeply ingrained beliefs and feelings which profess that females are inferior, and that their sexuality is inappropriate and shameful. Her work does so with self consciousness, learning to see and accept self through allowance and expression of all of the aspects of the feminine and, through staying with discomfort of what the expression of these ideas can bring. It has become a vehicle for her own self realization and personal growth. 

D o m e s t i c a t e d : A d u l t e r a t e ( 2 0 1 5 )  |  I n k  o n  p a p e  r | 5 9 x 6 5 , 5 c m | R 6 0 0 0​

Y o u H a v e T o B e P u r e : M y H i d d e n G o o d s ( 2 0 1 6 ) | I n k o n h a n d m a d e p a p e r | 8 4 , 1 x 5 9 , 4 c m | R 1 0 0 0 0​